Thomas Lee Tuchel
b. 1944
Since earliest childhood, Tom Tuchel has made pictures. Throughout high school he concentrated on a study of art, and continued to paint and draw even during his four years in the Navy.

In 1968, Tom enrolled at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland where he met a teacher and mentor who influenced him strongly. Victure Ries was a master craftsman from the old European school, nationally known as a sculptor, jeweler, and the metalsmith of the Pond Farm workshops in the late 1940's. Because Tom was drawn to Victor, he took up jewelry making and silversmithing as his major. Victor's lessons went far beyond the realm of jewelry making. He instilled life lessons and taught Tom perseverance and dedication to his art. Tom credits him with being the single greatest influence in his life as an artist.

Tom spent his mid-life decades as a family man in Sonoma County. He and his wife had four children whom he supported with a "day job." These years afforded him scant time for painting and he developed a yearning to devote more time to it.

In 1997 Tom could no longer deny the call of his soul, and returned to painting. He exhibited his work in west county cafes and at one-man shows at Blackstone Winery, Taft Street Winery, and Hop Kiln Winery. He has also been represented by Christopher Queen Galleries.

As Cam Parry of the Forestville Gazette writes, Tom "revels in preserving...not all-encompassing, earth-changing moments, but the small miracles of light that are created a thousand times a day. Perhaps it's the ethereal ray of morning sun as it reflects off a foggy Sonoma coast, or the last redwood-filtered light of day's end that casts a warm glow on a quiet pond.

Major historical influences in Tom's work include the painters Corot and Millet from Europe, and the Americans George Inness, Arthur F. Mathews, Winslow Homer, and Edward Hopper.

Tom lives with his wife Laurie in the rural area of Sebastopol, California where he keeps his studio amid lovely gardens.
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